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8 September 2014

I have bought several highlighter over the past few (years) months ~ two to be exact. The first one is a proper highlighter that I reviewed a while ago. I love it but I find it more of 'a cold weather kind of product'. I find my blush from Benefit to do the trick as well. It is defined as " a brightening face powder that finely spurns with delicate mauves and pinks " and after all. I don't know about you but I have been a deep fan of highlighter. Highlighting is often skipped.
This is why I have decided to write about highlighting. I think that in order to understand its effect, you have to be able to know how to apply highlighter. I find highlighting to be a very important in any makeup. Especially if like me, you have a very fair skin complexion and dark brown hair. I find it to generally define and brighten my face.

To apply highlighter, I will advise you to use a fan brush. However, I don’t own a fan brush at the moment. So, I use my fingertips for the liquid one and my real technique brush for the brightening powder.

I brighten the area around my eyes (above the cheek-bone). It's like I got like three extra hours of sleep in just a minute. It makes your cheeks pop. Some highlighters add just a hint of brightness while other bring shimmer to your face. You can apply highlighter also just above your eyebrows and around your upper-lip - not on your forehead, nobody wants a shiny forehead, right?

♢ The highlighters I own from benefit : herehere
How do you use it yourself ? Do you skip highlighter during your makeup routine ?

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