August's heart

1 August 2014

I needed a new makeup brush for my Bobbi brown blush. I looked over the Internet on one of my endless hours spent on the Internet - looking at stuff I do not need. I ended up on Amazon. After looking at a lot of sellers and products, I settled on this one. It is not too big and not too small. I find it to be the perfect size. It is wide enough. I find it to be of great quality and not expensive at all. I think I will probably buy another one. It does not lose its hairs while you use it on your face - a thing I particularly hate in make up brushes. So yeah, it might not be a 'real technique' brush (that being said I have not yet tried any of the real technique brushes.) but I find it pretty good. I was not able to find the exact seller I bought it from but the one bellow seem quite similar to mine if you are interested.

♢ Find a similar one : here

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