What I just got on sales

16 February 2014

I was sceptical about this topic. I wanted to buy more stuff during the sales but I didn't get to do much shopping so I focused on both things I wanted before Christmas. I fell in love with both items for a while now. I finally get the chance to buy them and for half price ! I could not be much happier. I wanted high knees black boots for months but I never find the one until last week. I love the 80s style and simplicity of the boots. It is feminine without being too much girly. The heel isn't too high too. It's heaven on my feet. I also love the jacket which is very warm - even if it does not seem like it and classy. I don't know it brings a little something more to my outfit when I wear it.

Once again, I'm sorry about the quality of the pictures. I still haven't got my camera back... I did my best with what I have got.
What do you think ? Do you like it ? What did you buy on sale?
See you soon, lovelies !


  1. The shoes are great! I hope you will post some photos of you with them! : )

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  2. beautiful boots! lucky you found them on sale! :)

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  3. @Kinga : Thank you ♥ I agree, so glad I did! I was begining to feel desperate ahah
    @Rinaka : Thaaank you ♥ I am afraid it won't be hapenning any time soon :'( I'm too ashamed -->

  4. I love the boots! They look loose enough to even fit on me, and I love scrunching for different looks, or over the knee boots are so cute even with shorts. Sales are one of the little pleasures in life kekeke

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  5. thanks for your comment ♥ You are absolutely right!!