Born This Way Concealer { review }

26 January 2017

Hey lovebirds! I hope all is well. I wanted this week's blog to be a review so here is my review of Too faced's, Born This Way concealer in very fair. I've fell in and out of love with this one. I guess every love story must come to an end. Some people just don't get happy endings. Maybe, I simply wasn't born this way at all... I'll now let you read all my deep thoughts and the tale of Serenbird & her born this way concealer.

Brand description :
Instantly hide imperfections, vanish the appearance of dark circles, and blur the look of lines and wrinkles for complete coverage so undetectable, they’ll think you were Born This Way.

After using Born This Way Concealer:
100% said it showed IMPROVEMENT IN SKIN MOISTURE LEVELS after 1 hour
97% said it provides a NATURAL, UNDETECTABLE FINISH
97% said it provides a SMOOTH, CREASELESS FINISH
97% said it provides a FLAWLESS "NO MAKEUP LOOK"

My opinion : I've used this concealer for about a whole month now. The shade 'Very Fair' is a perfect match to my skintone. - I know, who would have thought it possible? We all know how much of a struggle that is...
I love how thick and easy to blend the formula is. I can build up my coverage. My dark under-eyes are almost completely concealed. What I found the best, was that even if it has coverage, it's still quite illuminating and not cakey. It doesn't look grey-ish. My eyes look refreshed and my under-eye is brightened. However, of course as no one or nothing is perfect, with time, it felt quite drying. - so a tone of eye cream would be needed. I guess even concealers can be let down. It left a bitter taste... I guess 'the honeymoon phase' ended too early...

J'utilise cet anticerne depuis un mois. La teinte very fair correspond à mon teint. Incroyable mais vrai! J'apprécie que cet anticerne soit assez épais mais aussi facile à moduler. Je peux ainsi choisir la couvrance que je désire avoir. Il ne devient pas pâteux. Et pourtant, j'applique à peu près trois couches sous chaque oeil afin de faire disparaitre entièrement mes cernes violettes. Son point fort est très certainement son côté couvrant mais naturel. Il est aussi assez lumineux. Une chose qui je trouve est rare lorsqu'on choisit un anticerne couvrant. Il n'a pas non plus un sous ton gris lorsqu'il recouvre mes cernes violettes. Mes cernes semblent dissipées et mes yeux plus lumineux. Cependant, j'ai pu constater, à force d'utilisation que cet anticerne a asséché mon contour des yeux. Il faudra donc ne pas lésiné sur la crème contour des yeux.

TOTAL : 17/20
4 ✰

Do I recommend this product ? I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't have dry under-eye area as I found it a bit drying. Other than that, I'm pleased with this product.

Je recommande ce produit uniquement aux personnes qui recherchent une forte couvrance et qui n'ont pas les yeux très secs. En résumé, je reste plutôt satisfaite de cet anticerne.

Have you tried this concealer? What is your favourite concealer? I can't wait to read your comments down below. Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon ♥ x

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