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5 January 2016

Hello there lovebirds ♥ Once again I'm here to introduce a new etsy shop : NEED THE CASE. This shop opened on Dec 16, 2013. Her owner is Nastya Li. She is absolutely adorable. We talked a lot on etsy. The whole team is very professional, thoughtful and talented. Their unique Iphone cases are of great quality and I love all her designs. They are so gorgeous. I had a hard time finding just one case. The delivery took a bit of time on my first order but it was very quick the second time around. I'm very pleased with my order. I thought you might be interested in finding a good etsy shop where you could buy a new case for your phone. If you're anything like me, you'll fall in love with her shop!
I'm happy to share with you this etsy shop I discovered a couple months ago. I hope you'll enjoy this post. Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you soon ♥

Her Etsy shop :
≈ Need the Case

" About three years ago, I was trying to find the phone case for my mother`s birthday. I knew what she wanted, but could not found it anywhere. It was even hard to imagine how upset I was. Finally, I found the present in some shop in US, but it was too late to order. So, I decided to do it by myself. I found the small shop in Kyiv – they promised me to do the case I wanted. But when i receive it, the case was SO awful. All in all, I tried to produce the case in three local shops, but the results were deplorable.

My mother`s birthday passed, but my crazy idea was still living. I read a lot, visited the print centers, and finally decided to try. That time I worked as a graphic designer, and draw a lot. I presented the first cases with my drawings to my friends, and they liked them. It inspired me to do more.

Now, we are the team of three. And I adore my job. I really have an obsession with patterns and try to find them everywhere – at home, at work, during my trips,etc.

WE really want to thank you for choosing us. WE appreciate every our customer and their choice to order our case. Hope you will enjoy our cases!

You can find her shop here.
If you use the code BGCSTMR at checkout, you will get 15% off your order! :)
* This post was not sponsored. It's my genuine and very own opinion. I really loved her Iphone cases and think her shop was worth mentioning.


GZHEL BLUE CASE, iPhone case. (*)

{ } Hello, my beautiful birds! J'ai récemment changé de téléphone. De ce fait, il me fallait des nouvelles coques. Mon choix s'est porté sur cette boutique etsy. L'équipe de Nastya a réalisé ces deux coques. Ce sont deux coques que je trouve très originales et de bonne qualité. La livraison de ma première commande a été assez longue et la seconde bien plus rapide. Je suis très satisfaite de mes achats. Un peu trop puisque j'ai choisi de partager avec vous ma dernière découverte sur Etsy. Si vous cherchez une coque originale, n'hésitez pas à commander auprès de cette boutique. Ils sont fiables et ont des designs vraiment très sympathiques. En plus, sa propriétaire Nastya Li est très professionnelle et attentionnée.
J'espère que vous apprécierez ce petit article. Je vous remercie pour votre lecture et on se retrouve bientôt. ♥

Vous pouvez trouver sa boutique ici.
Si vous utilisez le code BGCSTMR lors du paiement, vous obtiendrez une réduction de 15% sur votre commande :)
* Cet article n'est pas sponsorisé. Il contient mon honnête et personnel avis. J'ai apprécié ses coques d'Iphone. C'est donc pour cela que j'ai choisi de vous en parler.

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