3 August 2015

Bonjour! I'm here today with a blog about one of my favourite topics... TV shows/series! I'm absolutely sure it wasn't too hard to guess. TV shows are probably my number one addiction. I watch too much tv series/shows. I don't plan on changing this bad habit so I thought I would put it to use. I made up a list of my top five of the most famous tv shows. I probably forgot a few names... Next week, I will post about my favourite comic tv shows (20/30 min episodes). I hope you will enjoy this litte blog. Hopefully, you also saw that serenbird changed to Thanks again for reading ♥ You guys are the best!

{ } Bonjour! Bonjour! Je suis de retour avec un article sur un de mes sujets préférés. Facile à deviner n'est-ce pas ? Les séries télévisés sont pour moi une douce addiction. J'en regarde définitivement trop. Enfin, ça ne changera sûrement pas demain. J'ai concocté une petite liste de mes séries préférées. La semaine prochaine, je vous dévoilerais mes séries comiques préférées (format court : 20/30min par épisode). J'espère que vous apprécierez cet article et merci de me lire ♥ Vous êtes les meilleurs, ne l'oubliez pas! PS : vous avez sûrement dû remarquer que serenbird est à présent disponible à l'adresse suivante :

@ All images are not mine. Toutes les images ne sont pas de moi.

1. Suits

- more info hereThis is so much more than just a show about lawyers. It's a universe. You get addicted. Plus, let's just admit how everyone is good looking on this show and that never hurts.

2. Rookie Blue

- more info hereI was actually very surprised about this show. I never thought I would like it but it's pretty good. I love almost every character on this show. They are so very unique!

3. Parks & Recreation

- more info hereUnique, inimitable, Parks & Rec is one hell of a show. Sadly, it's over but it will forever have my heart. (by "it" read Ben Wyatt and the show obviously)

4. The 100

- more info hereNothing like an apocalyptic show to put everything in perspective am I right? Jokes aside, it's a good show. Some episodes are better than over but in overall it's pretty lively.

5. Scandal

- more info hereThis is probably one of the most surprising, confusing, entertaining, nerve breaking show ever. I was quite disappointed with the direction the scenarists took at some point but the last season was very good.

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