My March Favourites

30 March 2015

I have been trying to not buy a lot of makeup products. I'm trying to empty all the ones I do have before buying new one. My success wasn't of 100%. I did get a few things. I managed to get my hand on 2 new lipsticks. I always wanted to try a bit more Rimmel products. I have hear a lot of good things about this brand. They are pretty good for drugstore products. I have grown to like that brand a lot over the years. And of course, I had to repurchase my brow gel. It was on my wishlist after all.

GIMME BROW, BENEFIT ≈ my all time favourite. I don't think I can go any day without this baby. I love everything about it. I have been using it for 2 years and It has never bored me. I don't think I could try any other brow gel after Gimme brow.
RIMMEL, WAKE ME UP CONCEALER ≈ I have not tried this one for long to be fair. I was advised by a sweet and friendly blogger on twitter. I was looking for a cheaper alternative of my -empty- nars concealer. Someone was also kind enough to suggest a gemey concealer.
RIMMEL, LIPSTICKS ≈ Those two lipsticks are : Kate Lipstick in the shade 03 and New Moisture Renew Lipstick in the shade let's get naked. I was looking for new shades of lipsticks. I didn't own much bright pinkish or nude rosy beige lipsticks. I felt like it was a new necessary addition for Spring.
THE POREFESSIONAL, BENEFIT ≈ I tried this product thanks to a sample I got on an order on sephora's website. One of my closest friends was kind enough to give me this product. She didn't had any use for it - so she said but I am actually thinking she was just being lovely! Anyhow, I wore Porefessional depending on how my skin was. It saved me from my worst days.

What's your favourites of March?


  1. I have same Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick and I love this shade for spring. I wanted to try out Benefit Gimme brow for the longest time and I am interested if I can wear it without any other brow products (I mean does it add color or just fix hairs)?

    Check out my favorites:

  2. Thanks for your comment. It's a nude that is so easy to match to any makeup! I only wear Gimme brow. I think it fixes them. It's very long lasting. I've heard that the darker shade is too dark. The Medium/light looks better on most people. On the color side, I think it depends on your brows. What colour are they? x

  3. My hair is chocolate brown so I guess will have to go to Sephora to try it out but thanks for response

  4. I think we have almost the same hair color! I think the medium/light would be fine but yeah better ask a pro ;) x