Why I took a step away from blogging

19 January 2015

I'm sorry for being shit at blogging this past month. I have no excuses. I have had a very busy month: lot of work to be done and a project for my future in progress. I have been thinking about blogging and if my blog has a purpose. Is my blog irrelevant? I don't know. Perhaps you could help me. However, I enjoy writing quite a bit. I have decided that my blog will now be written both in French and in English. Some of you might know that I'm French. I love writing in English but it has been underlined that blogging in both languages could be a good thing so I've decided to give it a try. I don't know if I will like it or not. We will see. I'm also planning on doing more "personal" post. Would you like that or not ? I hope to get a few feedbacks from you guys ♥♥

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