To be inspired is great, but to inspire is an honor.

15 August 2014

Hello, lovebirds.
I'm about to do something drastic. Serenbird is going to know a short break. I need to take time to see if this is really working for me. I have a lot of things to do and think about. I'm not sure Serenbird is still one of them. I really love my blog and I enjoyed spending time building it and making it what it is today. I think that I just need to take a minute - a couple of days or weeks - and try to figure things out. I think I just need time. I hope you'll understand and accept my sincere appologies.

Serenbird means a lot to me and so does your support. I love reading every comment I get, finding out that there are new people following me every week. It has been great knowing that someone wanted to know and cared about what I thought for once. Thanks to Serenbird I was able to express myself and share with others. I'll always be thankful for that.

So no, this is not a goodbye. Just a ' SEE YOU SOON '. I'll be back.

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