The last book I enjoyed reading

5 August 2014

I don't know about you but I love a good friendship story. I'm not too keen on love stories but friendship stories ARE MY GREAT WEAKNESS. Sure, I can do with a little romance in the book department. But, well, I'm more into great friendships. Maybe because I have seen boyfriend and girlfriend leave and come back all the time but some friendships are forever. You know, those people you have known since you were kids but are still there somehow. I really love this book. It has made me laugh so hard, almost cry too. I know don't you just hate it when books get into your head ? You cry as the characters cry. You laugh as they laugh. You hold your breath as you read further. I know I did. Plus, the main character reminded me of someone I used to be... It is not perfectly written out. The writer does not have pretentious writing. Yet, the way he writes surprised me. It is definitely in my top 5 of books worth reading.

Even if this book is not very famous, I find it to be worth reading while you're having a lazy day or just tanning this summer.

♢ Find it : here
Do you know any good books ? Do you know any book about friendship?

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