Fruity & Bio exfoliant

20 July 2014

If you've read my review on the facial squeaky-clean scrub by The Bodyshop, you know that I'm not a full time lover of facial exfoliator. Nonetheless, I'm trying to wrap my head around it. I bought this one in a pharmacy close to my parents' house. It claimed to be good for sensitive skins so I gave it a try.
It is very soft, maybe too soft for normal skins or people that likes a "deep scrubbing". It smells quite nice. The product turns into a creamy texture with water. I am not a huge fan of the - too big for my taste - bits of fruits that are on the product. However, becoming a huge fan of Nuxe, I have use this product a few times now and I'm getting used to it. It does not hurt my skin and appears to do its job.

Do you know any good facial exfoliator ? What do you think about Nuxe ?

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