What I want to buy this month

25 June 2014

Hello there ♥
I made a new wishlist. I realise now that it's a bit skincare focused ahah. I guess I will have to make a new one really soon… TO BE CONTINUED THEN. Do you have a wishlist ? By the way, the sales start today here! I don't know if I will get the chance to go into a real shop but I might do a little shopping online. It's not the same but it will be great too. I'm very busy lately with my last exams and stuff but I'll soon be on holiday. Speaking of which, while I'm gone you will have a little surprise. I won't say much. You'll see. Anyhow, here is my list :

1. Too faced, chocolate bar palette - I need a brown palette to go with (new) hair, ahah.
2 & 3. Body Scrub AND Body Lotion by The Bodyshop.
4 & 7. Foot care by Lush - season sandals is here, need to prep'.
5. a Konjac sponge - I've always wanted to try it!
6. Soap & Glory, hand food - to help with my dry and sensitive hands.
8. Kiko, full coverage concealer - to finish up my under the eye concealing situation.
9. Well, we all need a little bit of distraction during those long days of summer, don't we? Plus, with my trip coming up, I will have to find something to get me busy through all the travelling I will do.

So what do you think ? Do you have some of those products ? What do you want to buy?

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