hi 'brow' !

3 June 2014

shop it : benefit cosmectics ~ gimme brow.
I find it very hard to find the right product for my eyebrows. Nothing distracts me more than a bad eyebrow. Even worse, a badly filled in eyebrow. I tried it in a boutique and left with a few things as you might have read before (earlier in my blog). The saleswoman was very nice and helpful. I thought I needed the dark one but she advised me to buy its 'light/medium' version and showed me how easy it was to apply. I was very surprised by its small size. Kinda expensive for the tiny little thing that you receive but besides that, the product is awesome! It enhances my eyebrows quite perfectly. It lasts all day long and it's easy to apply!! It looks quite natural to the naked eye. And it does make my brows look fuller without tinting the skin beneath. I just want my brows to do their very important job -- to frame my face and draw attention to my beautiful eyes. It's genius, amazingly simple, great to just keep the brows in line, especially if you're in a hurry.

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