Friendly Reunion

15 June 2014

© some of the photos were taken by my bestmate @dimkarie, so thank you ♥
So I guess it's my first ever 'THINGS I DID' kind of post... HOW EXCITING, UH ?

As we had a long FREE week end (06.07 to 06.09), I planned some kind of little friendly reunion with one of my dearest friend that unfortunately lives far away. For the special 'girls weekend' we had a lot of things to do. It was a busy and exhausting weekend for us to say the least! We walked around the city. We even made it through those awful heat waves, which was not as easy as it seems (Yes, I'm not a big fan of heat waves). We waited for buses, laugh, talked, walked a lot. I think I speak for the both of us when I say we had a great time. The weather was great. Sunny for the three days we were down there. We had kind of a Starbuck madness (we went there 2 times in three days). For once, they spelled our names right (well, almost all of our names ahah. But that still count, right?). I blame the heat waves for my lack of strength regarding my -now- empty wallet. We also went shopping, obviously. I'll show you my purchases along the week. I got the chance to see all the new improvement the city had done over the whole year I was not around.

Let me know what you thought. How did you spent your long weekend ? Do you think I should do more 'Things I did' ?

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