A bit of colour

18 June 2014

So I have been looking at my summer wardrobe and it is with the deepest horror that I have discovered that I do not own many color. Oddly my winter wardrobe is full of light color such as beige, chocolate and cream color. Well, you know me. I do not search long for an excuse to do some shopping. And I have a major crush on lilac and minty color this season. So I have been searching everywhere for items I could wear that would be in those shades. This is all I could come up with. So this is all I added to my summer closet. The sales are getting closer so I don't think I will stop there. If you are interested in knowing where I bought each items (just drop me a comment about it and I will answer you with the link of the shop or the name) I need to find what to wear to my childhood bestfriend wedding, any ideas ?

What do think ? Have do you done any shopping recently?

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