Updating my closet

6 May 2014

~ So hello there ♥ ~
As I said earlier I add a bit of a shopping fever during my short break. I decided to show you want I bought. The top is from New Look. It is very comfortable and soft. It fits me perfectly. It is slightly too long on me since I'm a very short woman. The black boots are from Boohoo's website, I got them on sale. It was such a bargain (One point for online shopping, yay!!). Even through, it isn't real leather ; I don't think they don't look cheap at all. The ankle boots are true to size and very comfortable. The heel is no more than 6" at most. The shoes go very well with dresses - rather than pants if you ask me. And I finally decided - after struggling for almost a year - to buy a new expansive beautiful and precious bag. This one is a natural Leather Satchel from the Wonderful brand 'The Leather Satchel Company'. I bought mine online. I had a hard time deciding on which colour I wanted it. Fortunately, I had some help from some awesome ladies (a). I like the brown tone even if it is slightly darker than expected from the picture on ASOS. I am quite satisfied with it, it is not too big but so much can fit inside it. I feel like Mary Poppins! I am seriously considering also buying it in black but it wouldn't be very mature of me. So until I win the lottery, I'll let that dangerous idea slipt out of my mind. Let me know what you think of my little haul. Do you own a satchel yourself ?

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