my first morning's essential ~ moustache

28 February 2014

I got this one from Primark last september!

I'm 'almost' always late in the morning. I guess my screwed up sleeping pattern has a lot to do with it. I am always rushing and complaining about not having time to have my tea or my coffee before I leave for work or for the university. Last fall, I decided to invest in that little thing. It has really helped me with my timing issue. Plus, it goes on the dishwasher and you don't burn yourself while holding it.
I have no longer timing issue... I didn't get to finish my tea ? No problem! I will take it to go ;)

Do you have one yourself ?


  1. love the to go mug

    love Vikee

  2. The really neat thing!
    I love the moustache pattern! Cute! :'D

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  3. Thanks girls, glad you like it ❤❤