New Year Resolutions

6 January 2014

Do you have any resolution for the New Year? DOES RESOLUTION = BULLSHIT ? We are making promises that we won't keep. What is the point ? To give ourselves a little bit of Hope. Hope that things can change, that people can change. I don't think that kind of thing take one year or even less than that. I think It takes a lot of courage and a lot time to change. I don't think it is easy either. I mean if it was so simple, the world will not be so bad right ? I don't for - even for a second - think we live in a bad world. I just think we are in world filled with bad people. Bad people that became bad because of choices they made and things they had to do in order to survive. Well, I could argue for hours about Life but what do you think ? Let me know, I'd like to share opinions with you guys!
I went a little off topic here, sorry about that. As you will see my mind goes to one place to another pretty quickly. Anyway, as you can imagine I don't have any resolutions. 2013 was not a good year for me but It was not so bad after all. I got to meet new friends and reconnect with other (lindie, you know I mean you ;)) But I have also lost touch with some of my dearest friends. I guess it is a part of growing up. So, all I am wishing for this year is to be healthy. Not much for certain people but to me it is more than just that. I had an 'accident' if you can call it that last year and because of it a lot of things have change leading me to where I am now. If you would have told me that I will be where am at in my life today I would have not believed it. So most of all, I am thankful for the wonderful people I have in my life without whom I would not be there.

What do you wish for 2014 ? What expectations do you have ? How was 2013 for you?

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