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27 December 2013

Hello, lovelies!
I figured that many of you received money for Christmas. At least, it is what it felt like when I went to the mall yesterday,ahah. Anyway, for my first topic, I decided to show you my makeup bag. Later this week end, I will be showing you this bad boy in full details. Consider this a sneak peek ;)

I love discreet makeup, something light that you can wear everyday. Just light up everything a little. (and as I'm always busy and clumsy so the whole thing needs to be easy and quick) So my most recent purchases are a light peachy lips gloss and Large Lash Mascara. Both quite lovely. I also use products of various famous brands. I mostly shop them online as it is cheaper. If you want me to tell you exactly where, do not hesitate to ask! Anyway, let me know what are your favourite!

I hope you've had a nice Christmas. I bet December has been the busiest for us all! I just can't wait for January to show up. A new year, new opportunies ahead. What do you hope for? How was your Christmas? What did you get? Let me know!

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